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We believe in creating personal connections with people. Although some planning is necessary our preference is let to things flow naturally while skillfully positioning ourselves to be where we need to be. Ultimately, it’s the simple moments between loved ones that we want to capture.

Our approach is to get to know everyone we photograph as best as possible. We want to know if you are shy or outgoing, funny or serious, hipster or more classic? We want to hear all about how you met, your favorite books, your favorite movies, and why you love each other. Using your story as a guide, each session is custom designed after a free personal consultation.
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Your Investment
Deciding how much to spend on your photography may or may not be as simple as looking at your budget, but making that decision on price alone may leave you with less than stellar results. There are of course differences in photographers – and in the details of what you will receive (more on those details below).
However, I know that shopping within your budget is also important to you. And that before you pick up the phone to call me, you’ll want to have some idea of what I charge.
So, where do I sit price-wise in the landscape of Good New York City photographers. You can expect to spend in a range of $1900 – $2900 for an 8-12 hour coverage with 1-2 photographers depending upon the size of your gathering. You’ll also have the option to purchase an album after the event.
My in-house partner photographers typically start at a slightly lower rate. Also, if you’re having a very small gathering and only need a few hours of time, I may be able to accommodate you as well, depending upon availability, at a lower price.
So remember the details when comparing different photographers. These details affect the level of service that you will receive – before, during and after the wedding day, the quality of the products that you will purchase, and the time that has been spent cultivating and developing the artistic vision for the work that I produce. My studio, a fixture in the NYC area for the past 15 years, takes a great deal pride in the experience you will have and the craftsmanship of the products we create.

Your next step is to Give me a call at my office:

(212) 321-0114 or if you prefer me to call you, then please fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to view my work and for your interest in my studio.

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